Oh, Santa

We have not had the greatest luck when visiting Old Saint Nick- and this year was no exception! But they make for some classic pictures that I will cherish forever! :)

This is at 3 months old- happiest baby in the hour long wait at the Galleria, then totally passed out 2 people away from sitting on his lap!

This is 15 months old- she has no clue who Santa is, or this creepy old man with a stringy beard:

And this is today, at 2 years old. She WAS excited to see Santa, until reality hit and had to actually go sit on his lap:
But I promise my child will *occasionally* sit for a decent picture! Here is her school Christmas picture this year- love her!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

ahahahahhaha!!!! I love these! CLASSIC!