Teach Them How To Read!

My Mom is super smart- and super great at her job. She's a literacy specialist for
at-risk elementary students; she specializes in the little-bitties, K-3 I think. I won't go into boring edu-details, but trust me when I said SUPER GREAT at her job! :)
She started a blog as her new year's resolution to spread her knowledge, education, and experience to help other teachers and parents teach their children how to read. My brother and I were both reading at 3, I think. Maybe more like 3 and a half- but that's still really early! And she was only 25 then- not even an "expert" yet. So she's magic- and I'd check out her blog if you have children or teach children! She posts a lot about resources, ideas, and activities that are useful in your teaching-them-how-to-read journey. Here's the link: http://teachthemhowtoread.blogspot.com/

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

When I taught 2nd grade I leaned on our Reading Specialist DAILY. What a gift! Reading was so much more difficult for me to teach than any other subject. What a great idea to start a blog like this! Your mom must be very talented!