New Year, New School, Not-So-New-Movie

Ada had her first day at her new school, Kids-R-Kids, today! And she did aaaaaaaawwwweeesssoommmee!!! We miss Tigerland, but know this is the best move for her (and eventually Dax). When we were leaving today, Ada waved and said "BYE FRIENDS!!!" I'm so proud of her!

After picking her up, we met Caitlin and Olivia Atlee (Olivia is actually in Ada's class, now!) at the movies to see Tangled- for the FOURTH time! I forgot to get a cute picture of the girls in the theatre- and then was unable to get a cute one of them after the show- but this is them playing like banchees in the lobby! :)

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I am SO glad she had a good first day at her new school!!!!!!!