Aramco Houston Half Marathon

Casey has been training for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon for several months now- and successfully completed it under his goal time this morning!!!!! He finished in 2:58- and he ran between 8:30-8:55 minute miles the entire 13.1 miles. Good job, Babe!! We're so proud of you! Here are some pictures of the adventure (on which Ada and I tagged along, of course!):

Leaving the house at 5am to get Casey through traffic and to the starting line by 6:15-
After dropping off Daddy, Ada wishing all of the runners walking by good luck-
A projected 20,000 racers and 200,000 spectators! I believe it!
Once we got parked, Ada and I headed to the Hilton for a leisurely breakfast of chocolate milk and croissants while Casey ran the first hour in the rain (she refused to pose for any pictures this morning! This was as good as I got)-
Ada got ansty, put herself in her stroller (still wouldn't pose for a picture), and wanted to go outside to cheer on the racers-
We stood outside for an hour cheering on random people. "GO RACERS! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" -Ada
Getting prepared to see Daddy cross the finish line. "Go Daddy!!! Run FAST!"
And, OF COURSE, right at 2 hours 58 minutes, we were in the middle of a minor issue and MISSED CASEY! I was SO sad!!! We waited at the finish line for another 20 minutes (with me freaking out something had happened to him) until he called me from the reunion area. Bummer!
But we reunited in the George R. Brown, Casey had an Ice Cream cup for Ada, and let her wear his metal... so all was well! :)
Family picture. Love these guys so much!

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The Reeves Family said...

Yea! My mom and I ran too! But, to give your man some props, I believe he actually ran a 1:58 and not a 2:58. Great job Casey (much faster than me)!