The Mod Pod Upgrade

Ada's big girl bed came today!!! I could not be happier with it- it's AMAZING and I can really see her in it for YEARS to come! It has little bulletin boards in the windows of the side compartments, so we will be decorating those up soon, I'm sure! And places for her phone charger, whenever she'll need one... which in this day in age will probably be age 4. (She picked out the flower throw pillow by herself- she HAD to have it one day in Target. Ha! Like mother, like daughter.)
Yes, that's a Jack-O-Lantern on her dresser. It's from Halloween, she loves it, and it gives off a really soothing light that she likes to read herself to sleep with each night. :)
For the story and how-to behind the whole room re-do (and pictures of the decaled-up wall you don't see here), go here:http://thedailydowell.blogspot.com/2010/08/adas-mod-pod.html

In other huge news, Ada's hair fits into a ponytail!! These are a few pictures of Ada and Mia Schilhab playing in the backyard, in which Ada is sporting her new 'do!
We took a picture of Katy and I with our bellies- but it's TERRIBLE of me (cute of Katy, of course!)... and I'm too embarrassed/vain/etc to post it!! Hopefully we'll get together with them a time or two before the boys come so we can give it one more shot!! :)

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