Kids-R-Kids: Day 2!

Ada went back for Day 2 at Kids-R-Kids with glee today! This is my cutie-patootie this morning:
Helping fix Daddy's coffee...
And fixing a chocolate milk for the drive to school for herself!
And, I have to write down these adorable things that came tumbling out of her mouth today before I forget them forever.
*Ada sat with two older girls (about 3 and 4) in the cafe for breakfast this morning at school who were discussing a Dora movie- and Ada chimed right in "I WATCH DORA, TOO!"
*And then, after she was good and engaged in the other girls' conversation, she turned to me and said "You go to work, Mom. Love you!" And waved to me happily as I made my way out...
*Her sheet home described her mood today as "happy, calm, helpful." I loved that!
*Her sheet home also said she'd used the big girl potty once- so I told her I was proud of her. She reponded "Yes, I scared of the big girl potty." Which is the absolute truth!

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