Cotton Bowl 2011

Grams and PaPa surprised with Cotton Bowl tickets to watch our Ags play LSU! And MorMor was sweet enough to volunteer to watch Ada for Friday and Saturday so we could make a mini-vacation out of it. Even though the Aggies didn't end up pulling off a win, we still had an amazing time!! The Cowboys Stadium is MIND BLOWING, our seats were INCREDIBLE, and road trips with Casey are one of my top favorite things in life! :)

We ran into The Schilhab's at Buccee's in Madisonville! So we caravanned with our matching Aggie flags flying the rest of the way to Dallas- along with a MILLION others!
Casey's becoming quite the tailgate connoisseur- in addition to our usual bacon wrapped-cream cheese stuffed-jalapenos and burgers, he made the most perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked Lamb (it was half-off at Randall's, so he felt compelled to buy it, ha!)- I'm not usually a meat-girl, but even I was impressed. So I took a picture of it:
Casey and Brent, watching the meat:
The boys, posing for some random lady taking pictures of all of the tailgaters:
The Guys (Casey, Brent, Derek, Blake, and Lane):
The guys, again:
Look at that sunset!
Hullaballoo, Canek Canek!
The Ags on the mega-huge, super-ridiculous Cowboy's stadium big screen:
I was obsessed with the big screen- and this view of the stadium wasn't shabby:
Reveille on the big screen:
The Ags in action:
Thank you Grams and PaPa and MorMor!!! We love y'all!!!


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Im glad I got to see yall even though it was for a blip.
The talk of the next day was how amazing Casey's lamb was. hahahah nice work!
Sorry yall lost! :-(

Brent, Katy and Mia said...

... oh ya, and the other talk of the next day was how Dumb Derek touched your stomach (Brent was upset about that :-))What an idiot. I hate when people do that.