33 Weeks and a Broken Finger

I slammed my finger in the car door. Bad. Like, it closed so completely that the interior light went off. And it hurt like HELL. I tried to pretend it was fine, mostly because I'm terrified of going to the doctor if I think there is a chance that I might be poked, prodded, or administered any type of shot- which I was afraid of because my fingernail has turned completely black and is swollen. But I decided to go on in since I'm pregnant and my health is ultimately Dax's health for 6.5 more weeks.... When they took my blood pressure, it was almost 150/90 because I was SO nervous about what they were going to do to me. You'd think they'd threatened to amputate my finger. And, alas- the verdict is in, sort of.

Probably broken, but the break is so high up (called a "Tuft" fracture) that there's no need for any type of surgery- and the risks of the x-ray (since I'm preggo) don't outweight the benefits, so we won't know for sure. And my fingernail (the more painful part, believe it or not) didn't need to be poked, prodded, or shot at- so I survived! I was prescribed a THIRD round of antibiotics this pregnancy to prevent any infection- if it were infected and my bone is fractured, it could lead to a bone infection. Which would be bad, and require poking and prodding. (Shudder)
Right after the finger slamming:
A day later. The flash on my camera makes my nail look lighter- it's literally purple halfway up my nail- it's really attractive.
And, here was me yesterday, at 33 weeks, BEFORE I broke my finger! Poor Dax, he's been through so much with me these past few weeks! I hate taking so many meds that are going straight to the little man.


Haffner's World said...

But you look SO stinkin cute!!!! So sorry about your finger :( it's always the small parts of our bodies that hurt the most.

Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Alicia oh my gosh.
You poor thing.
And seriously. You. Are. ADORABLE.