Awww, Valentine's Day!

It has been a crappy few days. A crappy few weeks, overall, really- which is rare for me! But I think things are looking up- and it started last night when Casey got home from work on Valentine's Day! He got Ada and I chocolate covered strawberries, which we gobbled up (and even shared a little with him!). Ada also had her Valentine's Day party at school, and she's been reading and re-reading her Valentine's cards that she received from her friends. It's adorable- she even takes them all to bed! Her favorite is the Sesame Street one from her teacher Miss Jackie.
Ada doing some evening Valentine reading:
This is not the greatest picture (well, no pictures are the greatest picture of my wild 2 year old these days!)- but I just thought it looked SO much like me when I was that age that I had to post it! Could it be... that my daughter might end up resembling me a LITTLE!? :) It's something in her eyes....
Here's to better days- I think my rainstorm is over! (Seriously, nothing extremely terrible happened, but you know how it goes... one little thing after another, and BAM- you're at your wits end!)

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