Ugh, I'm really sick. It started off as just a cold, but pretty much any place in my body that was housing an inkling of congestion is now infected, inflamed, and miserable! I should have gone to the doctor yesterday, but the icy road conditions kept me in- along with the rest of Houston- so then I waited at the Walgreens Take Care Clinic for THREE HOURS today before being seen- along with the rest of Houston! I have Bronchitis- per the Doctor, it almost sounded like Pneumonia in there, but the lack of a high fever kept it at Bronchitis (thank GOD!), a sinus infection in every possible cavity in my face (which I totally believe), and a random ear infection to boot. The ear infection surprised me- I guess when the rest of your face feels like an accupuncture-gone-wrong session, the ear doesn't hurt as much! The killer part is I never ran over a 100 fever- which is a total blessing, because that can be seriously dangerous for Dax... but it's also what kept me from taking my butt into the Doctor on Monday. (I always get paranoid about being a hypochondriac... partly because I am a hypochondriac!) The worst part: this a-hole lady who sat RIGHT beside me and moaned, groaned and coughed in MY direction the entire time. I wanted to ask her if she noticed I was 32 weeks pregnant, and if she could direct her disgustingness to someone else less immuno-compromised.

Since I'd gotten to the clinic right at opening, we thought the wait wouldn't be bad... so Casey and Ada had tagged along so we could run some errands afterwards. They decided to go piddle around Katy while I waited... and had a grand old time! Here are some pictures and cute Ada quotes from their morning:

At the pet store... "I want one!"
"Just like Nemo!"
They went to Lowes, where Ada claimed "I love carpets!"
Then they went to dine and play at Chick-Fil-A until I was done! When told it was time to go, Ada replied "No, not yet. I'll keep playing!"


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

You poor thing! I am glad you got meds and hopefully will be feeling better ASAP!

Knox said...

So sorry you were sick, BUT you words "aim your disgustingness somewhere else" and Ada proclaiming her love for carpets have me cracking up over here.