Daddy's Paternity Leave

Well, it's been difficult to find the time to blog about the last week! So I'm just going to mesh everything together into a "pictures are worth 1000 words" kind of a post.

First of all, Dax is 1 week old!!!!!! He is such an amazing baby, and I do not know how our family has survived this long without him! We all love him so much. Here is handsome Mr. Man on his 1 week birthday:

Ada is turning out to be such a fabulous big sister. She comforts Dax when he's sad, loves on him when he's calm, and hasn't shown one ounce of jealousy. She is precious, and I am so proud of my sweet girl. (We've also already discovered what makes boys and girls different. I hope she doesn't go to daycare telling all of her friends!)

And, Casey is the BEST. DAD. IN. THE WORLD. He's been on paternity leave for a week and a day, but had to go into the office today. I bawled, but am surviving! The rest of the pictures I'm posting are just some of my favorite moments from the last week. In fact, this has been one of my favorite weeks EVER.

Ada, playing lacrosse (her Daddy's sport!) in a sequenced princess dress. This should be the official uniform for all girls lacrosse teams, in my opinion! She actually got the hang of it pretty well:
We went to the park one day and played for hours:

Me nursing Dax in the middle of the park- story of my life for the next 12 months! :)

And I took Ada for some one-on-one girl time, too. We got Starbucks, shopped at Target, and bought a Beauty and the Beast castle with doll! (Notice her outfit- she picked this out from top to bottom!)

While the girls shopped, the boys stayed home and played hard!

We love you Daddy, and are missing you tons today!!!

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Knox said...

SO I am loving your pictures and Dax posts so much I just may have to stop reading them for fear of trying to flollow in your family of four footsteps..... :) hope I get to meet Dax sometime soon!