Settling In...

Things are calming down a tad- as much as you'd expect them to be "calm" at this particular moment anyway! Ada goes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays- and Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I'm gradually adapting to being a mom-of-two! This is us on our first excursion "out".... it went well! They are both such good kids.

Dax is 2 weeks old today!! I cannot believe it. He is doing SO well- and is such an awesome baby. We had our 2 week check up yesterday, and he's 10.0 lbs... that's *almost* as big as Ada was at 2 months, LOL! He sleeps a lot, but when he's awake he's so alert, adorable, and laid back. The only thing that works him up are if he wants to nurse (which is often!) or needs to burp or toot- typical boy. Otherwise he's totally content to just hang out and watch his cool big sister. :)

Ada is still amazing. She loves her "Dax-A-Doodle" so much- she kisses on him more than she'll let me kiss her! She actually has this ability to calm him down when he's upset better than us sometimes- I'm not complaining! :)
We are trying to treat Ada extra special since Dax naturally gets so much more attention and doting on- we take her to do fun things and are showing her with sporatic treats because "she is such a sweet big sister." (Just last night she got her FAVORITE movie of all time "Tangled"- we finally settled down to watch it after she ran around the house screaming for at least 5 minutes!) This is yet another one of our trips to one of the neighborhood parks on Sunday:

And, I'm offiically a "baby-wearer." This is Dax and me using our Moby Wrap that a friend loaned me- I'm addicted to it and Dax loves it, too! :)

Lots of friends and family have come to meet Dax- I will post pictures of that ASAP! :)

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