Which First- Good News or Bad News?

We're going to start with some bad (to get it over with), and then ping-pong between the two.

Bad: Christian is not getting better yet. One of my many phobias are antibiotic resistant infections, and he's got one. He went to the hospital for a high fever and UTI, and then he caught pneumonia THERE from one of their ventilators (a-holes). And that pneumonia is what they are calling a "super bug." We don't know which "super bug" it is yet (think: MRSA), but will know more soon. He's feeling OK at the moment (actually better, Andi says) aside from the pressure sore that is also the Hospital's fault (big a-holes)- but it just sucks because it's far from a good situation, and he'll definitely be moving to the Spinal Cord unit for an extended say. *sigh* He hates those. Christian- you're not getting these blog updates regularly at the moment, but when you get home know we're thinking about you and love you lots!!! Expect lots of toddler artwork coming your way soon. :)
Good: we got an ultrasound of Dax today at 37.5 weeks, and he's pretty cute. And pretty chubby.

Bad: He's REALLY chubby. The ultrasound tech predicted 10 pounds (and then cracked up because there was a fat roll on his eyebrow)... and my doctor brought it down to 9 pounds after my exam. 9 pounds at 37 weeks is insane. Ada was 6.5 pounds at this exact point.

What's really bad is that it ups my chances of a C-section dramatically. It also ups the chances of complications during labor if I end up having him normally- like dislocated shoulders or broken collarbones. I hate either of those options, and I'm really emotional when I have to think about it.

Good: My doctor moved my induction to the EARLIEST possible legal date (since there is nothing technically "wrong" she can't induce before 39 weeks- although a huge baby is what's wrong in my book!)- next Wednesday, March 24. She also did this thing called "sweeping my membranes" which hurt like a mother and has been known in the past to induce labor sooner. I'm not getting my hopes up though. I've been dilated to 2.5 cm for 3 weeks now, and am only 50% effaced. (I'll save you from explanations if you don't already know what those mean.)
Good: MorMor finished Ada's ladybug quilt!! It's 100x more amazing than I imagined it- and Ada is madly in love with it!! I have a feeling it will go to college with her like Fruit Blankie is living it up at A&M with Uncle Drew right now... :)
Bad: we only have 10 days max left with our Ada Bug and life as we know it. I'm excited about Dax coming, and I love him to pieces already...but I'm having really mixed emotions about everything.
Good: we've been savoring every second possible together, and having a lot of family fun! I love my husband and daughter and soon-to-be-chubby-bunny-son!


Em'lay! said...

Wow, Alicia! 9 lbs and 2 weeks to go?!?!?! I'm praying for you & Dax! You were a big baby weren't you? I was 10 lbs 14 oz...and also 2 weeks late. My mom has always said they should have induced her. So Dax won't be born on (or close to) my Bday, but March 24 is Joshy-Woshy's Bday! Sounds like Dax is determined to be born on a Sokolewicz Bday! HA! Love you and praying for you!

Noah said...

I'm so excited for you & your family! I would be anxious in your situation as well...trust your instincts!

Haffner's World said...

I had the same emotions when it came down to the wire with Cole - I was happy to meet him but sad that it would no longer just be the 3 of us. I was emotional about that probably up to the moment of having him and all of those thoughts vanished!! It was like we were never just a family of 3 and we had always been a family of 4.
On the upside they predicted Cole to be 9lbs and he was only 7lbs 14oz...so they can always be wrong! :)

The Reeves Family said...

A little encouragement...I was told the same thing with my two kids! The first ended up being almost 8 pounds and my little man was 9 lbs and delivery wasn't a problem. Praying for you!