One Last....

One last car payment in the mail!!! We paid off Pearl 2 years early! Casey's "big account" that he broke in the fall has kind of leveled off in the past few months, so it was all we could do to make ourselves send those last few huge chunks of money- but it will be so worth it when I take an income-less maternity leave, and then when Dax starts school in the fall! (Which is like 2.5 car payments in addition to Ada's... so when they are both out of daycare, we're going to treat ourselves to 5 new cars! Just kidding...) One last try at the garden! Not sure if you remember our fruitless season last year (literally)- but Casey decided he wanted to give it one more try. So, here we go again! We painted the bed white, so it looks cuter on the stone, too. So far, so good!
In addition to our typical array of tomatoes and peppers, we added an avacado and lemon tree, and this thing:

A citronella plant! (Called a mosquito plant at Garden Center.) It supposedly repels mosquitos- plus I've always wanted an excuse to buy one of these giant coffee cup flower pots at Wal-Mart!

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Stu & Jennifer said...

I cannot belive Dax is 9 lbs!!!! Bless your little heart! Congrats on going noteless! What a fantastic feeling!