Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom (and other cute statements that just put a smile on my face) from one intuitive 2 year old:

"Poopoo is so yucky. Never touch poop. Never put poop in the kitchen. NEVER EAT POOP!"

"Dance like this. Now like this. Now like this. Now like this. Now like this...." (etc etc etc for an entire 3 minute song in the car.)

"My Rapunzel's bald!!!!!"

"I WANT STARBUCKS!" (Upon pulling into the Target parking lot...)

"I WANT CHICKEN NUGGETS!" (Upon pulling into the WalMart parking lot...)

"Shrek tooted!"

"Your phone's ringing, Mommy. Say 'Hey!'"

"Ms. Ally hit Jackie today. She got a time-out." (Not sure what spurred this imaginative scenario of her class)

MiMi: "Ada, if you don't treat your books nice, I'm going to take them back to my house."
Ada: "Yes. Let's go now!"

And, here is my sweet girl playing on her big girl swingset after school today- the weather's getting pretty around here!

Eating dinner at our picnic table (it's Thursday, so we're eating bean "bee-ritos" from Taco Bell!)-
"Ready! Set!! GO!!!"
She's mastered the rockwall!!!

I'm 37 weeks preggo with Dax- this is when I had Ada, which is SO crazy to me! My doctor gave me the option of inducing a week early, which I jumped on... so mark your calendars for MARCH 28, if I'm still pregnant by then! :)

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jborgman said...

OoOoOo I am a March 30th baby!!! I don't think you will last that long though! Congrats Alicia!!! How exciting!