2 weeks old

Dax turned 2 weeks old last Wednesday (I'm a little late!)... here are some pictures of him! He'll be 3 weeks in a few days, hopefully I can be more prompt on that one!! :) Here is my sweet chubby bunny boy on his 2 week birthday. Honestly, he looks so much chubbier in pictures- don't get me wrong, he's DEFINITELY a big, healthy boy, but he doesn't have quite as many rolls as it might look!

After bathtime- which he actually really enjoys! (Ada hated bathtime until she was a few months older)
This is him smiling some gassy smiles!
And he can totally hold his head up for over pretty extended periods. He's been pushing back and just staring at me lately- like he is thinking "you look NOTHING like I pictured you to look for the past 9 months!"
We ventured out to the zoo for some animal sightings and a picnic yesterday- I'll post pics of that ASAP! We had a really awesome time- and were all pooped by the time we go home yesterday!

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