Hoppy Easter!

Here's the sequel to the Good Friday post... Easter! Casey was out of town all weekend for a bachelor party, so MiMi and Drew came over on Saturday to begin the Easter fun a day early. :)

Drew got his Aggie Ring last week! Here are MiMi's, Drew's, and my Aggie rings in one shot.
"This is a mother's dream come true- to get all of her kids out of college!" -MiMi

Ada always makes Drew play soccer with her in the backyard when he comes down-

Easter Sunday! Somehow, the Easter egg hunt turned into Ada playing in the pool naked at 8am....

A cute picture of both kids in their Easter outfits! Not sure why it's showing up so tiny. It's in the Snapfish album, so you'll be able to see that better when I send that out! :)

Dax got all dressed up! Who needs pants anyway?? :) 5.5 weeks old:

More Easter egg hunting at MorMor's house!!! Uncle Ricky hid LOTS of eggs for Ada to find...

Some of which she couldn't reach! Thank goodness for MiMis...

Decorating with sidewalk chalk:

"My hands turned blue!" -Ada

And we shouldn't forget what Easter is all about in the first place: thank you Jesus for dying on the cross and rising from the grave for us. :)

We had an awesome, exhausting weekend- the kids and I are just relaxing at home watching movies all day today!

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