Desperate times...

...call for desperate measures!! We go to the park pretty much every day, but yesterday I just didn't feel like strapping Dax onto me, getting Ada in her stroller, packing her juice, snack, whatever toy she can't find but must bring, etc. But, low and behold- by 3pm we were all three antsy and needing to get out. So I plopped Dax in the stroller, and Ada plopped her baby in her stroller- and off we went! :) I couldn't quit laughing the entire walk.

Setting off! Notice the baby brought her lovey, and Ada brought her purse. :)
Ada repeated 3 phrases the entire walk: "Follow me, Mommy!", "Let's go FASTER!", and "WOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Once we arrived at the park, however, Ada abandoned her baby to play-

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

OMG Ada's outfit... its to die for. She is OWNING it too :-)