Parks, Picnics, Pets, and Pedis: NO BOYS ALLOWED!

Ada and I had a Girls Only Day with the Atlee girls this Saturday! We had a wonderful time- we met at the park bright and early in the morning, then had a picnic, then all four of us packed up to go get PEDICURES! :)

OMG, so presh!

OK, so when we got to the nail salon, Ada saw the animals on the children's chairs, and immediately began thinking that a "pedi" was a "PETty!" It cracked me up!

Ada's "PETty" bunny-

She loooved getting her pedi/petty! :)

She picked this color out herself- I was so glad she didn't go with the bright green she'd also considered... Although she did tell me "I'll just get this color tomorrow!" (Have I created a monster!?)

Keeping Olivia company while they finished up her pedi:

Even big girls crash on the ride home sometimes!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I love girls days!!! Looks like fun! I love that you and Ada got Peds together! I cant wait to do that with Mia!
Now lets you and I have a girls day and get tats :-)