A Quickie

MorMor came over yesterday, and brought easter eggs to dye with Ada! After the initial chunking of the first egg in the pink dye, Ada did a great job and created some lovely eggs! :) Thanks MorMor~ MiMi comes over all the time, too... there's just something about having a brand new baby that makes a girl want her own Mommy! So I'm always thinking of ways to convince her to come even more! :)
I splurged and got Ada the biggest, baddest pool Wal-Mart had to offer last week, too. Couldn't have spent our money more wisely.. she LOVES it. (Check out her sunburn in the 1st picture, ha!) She swam and played in that pool all weekend! Plus she's obsessed with her bathing suit, and wants to be in it all day.

Off to go eat lunch with Daddy!

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Megan said...

I can't let L&G see these pictures. They are dying to start swimming. I keep telling them it's not warm enough. I think they know that's a bit of a lie. :) It's just too hot outside with this belly! I would have to get in the water and no one needs to see this in a swim suit. I miss you at work! It's sad we won't work together again.