I'm FINALLY getting around to compiling and uploading some videos I've taken this year! (Yes, it's been since Christmas that I've done this!) *REMEMBER: if you get these via email- you need to actually visit the blog to watch the videos: http://www.thedailydowell.blogspot.com/. *


This is Ada counting... I have heard with my own ears her count to eleven. But she gets hung up on six (literally) in this one. She can also count to at least 5 (maybe 6?) in Spanish! That's all thanks to her new school- I haven't done one thing to teach her anything about numbers...
These are clips from our zoo trip a few weekends ago. I think she is just too cute! She totally shuts down as soon as the video camera opens; I wish I could capture her true personality!
And I have one of Dax's first month, but it's not uploading at the moment... I'll work on that and get it out ASAP!!

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