Heath and Jamie's Wedding!

Casey's old roommate Heath got married this weekend- we had a wonderful time, the wedding was GORGEOUS (in New Braunfels ON the river!), and are so happy for Heath and Jamie! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures. But there are pictures of what Ada and Dax and MiMi did while we were away! :)

First of all- these are the bottles I made for Dax. Lots of hard work went into pumping for this day! Just had to document it, haa!
Casey and I had left an empty bottle of wine on the back porch from the night before.. so Dax decided to practice waiting tables.

"I made a castle!"

Biker princess:

This is the only picture from the wedding. Ridiculous, but pretty much the story of our lives when we're with these guys! Especially John.

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