My daughter cracks me up! She's said some things in the past 2 days that have made me laugh out loud, and I have to write down so I will remember forever!

1. She earned a prize for filling up a potty sticker chart (well, it was actually only half way full. And that took months. I thought the prize might jump start the desire to continue pottying. It didn't. That's another blog.). I went and grabbed one out of the stash of AWESOME presents I've been picking up for her here and there- a Tiana princess doll from Princess and the Frog. When I gave it to her, and her excitement wore off, she said to me: "I got Tiana for going potty! Next I'll get Snow White." (Snow White IS in fact in this stash of prizes.) I asked her how she knew this. Reply: "They're all in Mommy's closet!" It just makes me chuckle thinking about her poking around my closet, finding these enticing presents, and never once touching them or asking me about them.. just staring at them through the clear Rubbermaid!

2. We were playing in the backyard this week, and out of nowhere Ada says: "Mom, have any pot??" It took me a second to realize she was asking if I had the FLOWER pots- or at least knew where they were. Ha!

3. Casey had excused himself to the restroom last night, and Ada was DYING to go in there with him- she loves to know that she's not the only pooper in the world. He shut and locked the door, so she dropped to her stomach and watched from the crack. "Daddy! I can see your TOES! But I can't see your feet."

4. She comes to me from the movie room and tells me she's "watching birds." With this set of Lego binoculars she constructed ALL BY HERSELF! I was seriously impressed. She could tell she'd done something she should be very proud of, because she posed for LOTS of pictures!

Love this little lady bug!


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

GOOD LORD that girl cant get any cuter or any more clever! I love it! I seriously think you guys are in for it when shes a teenager! She is too smart for her own good!

Ashleigh said...

HILARIOUS! I am dying laughing in the middle of 1st period.