My New Tattoo!

Well, I did it! I got my Dax tattoo. And I LOVE it! I already had my ladybug tattoo that I got for Ada Bug.
This is one of my all time favorite memories and pictures of Ada and me. I really wish I could've brought Dax along with me for this tattoo, too- but a tattoo parlor at 11pm on a Saturday night just isn't the place for a 2 month old!

We went with the Schilhabs for Katy's 30th birthday, because we were both wanting wrist tattoos! Here's Katy and I at Shaw's posing in the same spot Ada and I stood 2 years ago:

A little nervous! My moral support from behind the tattoo area:

Getting tatted! Loved this guy- Joel.

Then it was Katy's turn... and she chickened out! ;) It's OK, though... it's a good excuse to go on another double date again soon! Plus she ended up tweaking her design a little after we left.And here it is, in all it's glory! I designed it (I designed the ladybug, too), and am so proud of it and in love with it. The shamrock on the "x" symbolizes a couple of things. #1) Christian (Dax's middle namesake) has a 3 leaf shamrock tattoo, and several of the Mobley boys have also gotten shamrocks since. #2) Dax was born the day before St. Patrick's Day! #3) Both of my kids now have badges that symbolize good luck. :)

Yes, I know it's off centered. That was intentional- I have an affinity for assymetry. :)

It's a tad bigger than I was wishing to go, but it was either go smaller and risk the letters and shamrock becoming one big blob by the time I'm 40.. or go a little bigger and ensure a crispy clean tat for a lot of years! So I went big, and plan on getting a nice, chunky watch to wear to work!! :)


Drew said...

so jealous... i wanna get inked again so bad haha

Casey, Alicia, and Ada said...

Drew, you're the only one left that needs to get the shamrock now! Perfect excuse.:)