Garage Sale Win!

We had a garage sale today (Westgate actually had a huge community garage sale, so we joined in the excitement)- and it was a total success! Lots of baby toys and clothes went to new homes. We made $650! We always make a pretty concerted effort to manage our money well- we are not necessarily frugal (thanks to me), but at least level-headed. So we've decided to use this money for fun. We aren't going to save one penny of it, or use it to pay one bill! We have been brainstorming all day about the possibilities, and I think we have about $6000 of it already allocated. ;)Ada "shopped" all day. She was SO good, SO patient, and SO understanding- so she is going to get a mini-shopping spree after her nap today, too. Which she can't quit talking about. :) And, if it weren't for her marketing of the toys (showing the patrons how to properly play with them), we wouldn't have made nearly as much!

*This car wasn't for sale, by the way. In fact, we had to eventually hide it because people were pulling over specifically to buy that thing!*


McClure Family said...

it is funny that you put the " * " at the bottom bc i was about to say... we will buy the red car!! hehe! those are hard to find used- no one ever wants to get rid of them! glad you had success and good for you spending the money on fun!!

Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I didnt know you guys had a garage sale! Im glad it was a success!!!