Dax- 3 Months

Ohhh my gosh, I cannot believe Dax is 3 months old. When Ada was this age, I remember feeling like she'd been around forever... but I still feel like we just got to meet Dax a few weeks ago. Time needs to slow down! He's growing, Growing, GROWING like a weed! He's eating like a beast and sleeping like a champ. He looooves his Mama (ME!) and I love him back 1,000,000 times more.

He ooooos and coooos all the time. He giggles at silly faces and noises. He loves the way the word "OK" comes out of his mouth, because he says it constantly. He mimics my every facial expression and head movement, and attempts to mimic lots of my sounds (unsuccessfully, usually!). He opens his mouth for kisses (or maybe that's a smile because he knows I'm coming in for the kiss?)- and he is a lean, mean, physical machine.

He's still rolling over (it scares him, but he continues doing it. Typical boy I suppose!), almost able to sit up in the Bumbo chair for an extended period, and grabbing things to look at or put in his mouth to chew on. He scoots around (mostly because he's such a squirmer) all over his playmat during tummy time- I seriously believe he's trying to army crawl sometimes. I think it's almost time for the exersaucer! This kid has some major energy to burn! He's going to be one handful of a toddler I'm afraid...

He's so laid back and easy, except when it's time to get in the carseat for a car ride. He DESPISES his carseat.

Here are some pictures of our 3 month monster photo shoot. I LOVE HIM!

Gotta post the giggle one, even though it's a little blurry!

Ada got in on the photoshoot action... first time she's sat and "cheesed" for me in a long time!

Pretty girl. (She's got on her monster jammies, appropriate for the monster photoshoot!)

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