Dinner with Grams and PaPa

2 dinners with Grams and PaPa that I want to blog about. The first is a surprise dinner we threw for them at Cadillac Bar (awesome Tex-Mex and margaritas, which they are missing in Dubai!)- we tracked down 0ver 20 of their favorite people and had them waiting there to surprise Grams and PaPa! It was awesome and such a blast!
And of course it wouldn't be a blog post if I left out the shenanigans that MiMi and Ada were getting into at home in the meantime:

And it's become a tradition to eat out as a family at Escalante's on their last night before leaving- we always have such a great time, but it sure is sad.

No sir- not for 20 years 9 months...

Ada and Uncle Luis have so much fun! Lu is so great with the kids... we need to hit them up for babysitting more often! ;)

WE MISS YOU ALREADY GRAMS AND PAPA! We'll see you in 5.5 months!

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