Dear Lord,

Please help me resist the urge to give my 2 year old away to a loving home.

Ada plays hard at naptime, but *used* to crash and sleep like a rock after about an hour of playing. Lately, however, she's been keeping busy and staying awake for hours. It's been hit or miss if she even actually falls asleep. This is how I found her room after 3 hours of "napping" today. A wreck. Toys disassembled. Moved. Things much too far above her reach moved and played with. I thought I had done an excellent job of toddler-proofing this room, and it had proven perfect up until today. I was so mad at her- I took all of her toys out and left her in there. It's now been 3.5 hours and I'll let her out soon. Just need a few more minutes. It's been a hair-pulling type of day.

She even climbed on her bookshelf and peeled off half of a wall decal. I spent an entire day on this wall of circle decals making it perfect. Whoda-thunk that a 2 year old would have the desire to inspect it, discover it's "stickers," and peel it off???
To top it off she re-applied them on her bookshelf.

Here's to tomorrow (and the rest of the summer) improving!!!! :/

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