Well, I'm the champion documentarian of life's minutiae. Birds in the garden. Pictures of Dax staring at me with the exact same expression that I posted the day before. Ada's random phrases. A garage sale. But when it comes to blogging about the major stuff, I stink! I even stink about getting good photos of it all. I guess it's just all too exciting to deal with taking the camera out. So this post encompasses SEVERAL huge things that have been going on that I have hardly taken any pictures of!

First- some minutiae. Ada was being a devil with her crayons (carpet, walls, and furniture- all tagged within 24 hours). So she got grounded from coloring for 1 week. The following decoupage was our artistic outlet to get us through until we can get the crayons back out!
OK, on to the major events. Grams and PaPa are visiting from Dubai! They brought loads of gifts over and got to meet Dax for the first time. We have several fun things planned throughout their visit, so I'll *try* to get a post or two in about those. :)
Casey's THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY was on Wednesday! We had a huge party at the house, and I took maybe 5 pictures. But I did get a few shots of the set up, so here are those with the few party photos, too:
Ada dictated the message for his cookie cake that we got him on his actual birthday mid-week-

My work BFF Caitlin (and Ada's BFF's mommy)-

John in his 70s track suit ready for some competitive beer pong:

Brent Schilhab with his man purse:

Me and MiMi-

This is how I found the poor Mario pinata when I woke up the next day-

There were so many other awesome people that came to celebrate Casey's old age that I wish I had gotten a picture of- his parents and sister and Uncle Luis, MorMor, Uncle Drew, all of his work friends, several of his old roomies, etc. Shame on me. Oh well- what can you do!?

Speaking of MorMor- she took 2.5 weeks out of her life and came to stay with us and watch Dax while I went back to work for my short stint. I didn't take one picture of she and Dax while she was here. :( They had a great time, and I cannot express my appreciate for her enough! LOVE YOU MORMOR!

AND Murphy's back!!!! He's now an outside dog and enjoying himself. Except when Ada tries to "play" with him... then he's a little nervous.

And last... it's SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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