Moody Gardens!

Grams and PaPa are still in town... yay! And we all packed up and drove to Galveston yesterday for a little Moody Gardens action. And by "a little" I mean a 14 hour day from start to finish!!! The kids were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, and everyone enjoyed every second of it. They bought us a year long membership, so we are definitely going back this summer- and maybe to the Festival of Lights at Christmas! :) And MAYBE a certain someone's 3rd birthday party??

We kicked the day off with the Dinosaur exhibit. Ada loooves Dinosaurs (see her stegosaurus in her hands?)- she was a little iffy about it all at first-
... but by the end of it was totally into them all! She said later on that night that this was her favorite part of the day.

PaPa gave my back a break and carried the 15 pound baby around in the papoose nearly all day! Dax loved it- he's already passed out 15 minutes in-


Next came the Bones exhibit. Ada colored a skeleton, and for some strange reason pretended to take bites out of it. When asked what her skeleton tastes like, she said "It tastes like vitamins!" That girl cracks me up!!!

On to the aquarium. Dax loooooved this one! (12 weeks old)

"Take my picture. NO! DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE!" The words of my Ada. PaPa shared Dax for a split second with Grams-

Family picture in the shark diving cage! Ahhhhhh!

Daddy and Dax-

Lunch time- too excited to eat much.

On to Dora the Explorer 4D!!!!!! It was a 3D movie with smells, sprays of water, and wind! It was intense- just the way Ada likes it.

Rainforest- happy boy!!!!!

Family picture- Ada is looking for monkeys.

Palm Beach waterpark!!!! What a blast!

Wave pool-

Faux beach- much nicer than the real Galveston beach.

We were disgusting and exhausted when we finally made it home- and slept like rocks last night!

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Megan said...

looks like an amazing day! i loved looking at the pictures.