PeePee and Dinner

I'm spoiling you all with all of these posts the last 2 days! Just kidding... Anywho, there were a few random things I wanted to post!

#1: recent funny thing that came out of Ada's mouth- "Dax has a penis. Mommy likes to keep it in the house." WHAT!? That girl's mind works in mysterious ways!

#2: first family dinner with all 4 SITTING at the table! (as opposed to me wearing Dax or plopping him in the swing) It's hard to find the time to do family dinner anyway- they've gotten pretty sparse lately... so we've made a pact that Casey will come home early enough for us all to eat together 3 days a week, and I'll have something for us to actually eat 3 days a week! :) Then we go on a family walk.
#3: we began what I like to call "cold turkey potty training" this afternoon... and no accidents yet! I mean, who are we kidding- Ada is 2 years 8 months old. She knows how to use the potty, when she should use the potty, etc... she just is MUCH too busy and having WAY too much fun to stop and properly "go." So we just put on panties today and began her life as a big girl. She did AWESOME... I'm a little worried about her first poop tomorrow, though. I know you're dying to know how that goes, so I'll keep you updated! ;)

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