Potty Training Art Festival

Day 2 of cold turkey potty training was what I would deem a success! We went through quite a few pairs of panties (6)... but Ada never put up a fight when I told her it was potty time, she had no issues tinkling in the potty, and always came to me right away after an accident. She still won't initiate a potty trip, so I was making her go every 30 minutes or so- which is kind of trying with a teething 3 month old to tend to as well. But we survived! And I'm so proud of my girl. I know that tomorrow will be even more successful! :) What to do while homebound? Art projects! Lots of them.

Which means Mommy will want to go out and get frames.... which means that we can no longer remain homebound. Which means we will have to tinkle in the Hobby Lobby bathroom!

And here are the finished products. From left to right: 1) orange collage 2) turquoise wash over a picture of Mommy and Ada (just watered down some acrylic paint, let Ada go to town, and then wiped off the excess with a paper towel), and 3) my personal favorite, the sponge painting that Ada signed with a turquoise hand and Dax an orange foot. :)

Ada found a loophole allowing her to forego having to poop in the pot. She held it until naptime. Here's to a BM in toilet tomorrow! :)

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