Boredom = Budget Buster

GAH, we are bored! (And by "we" I mean me. Ada and Dax are perfectly fine to sit around indoors all day and play with their toys!) It is that point in the summer that we've been on break for long enough that we've done everything we can possibly do that won't induce a heat stroke, but not quite close enough to the end of the vacation that I'm sad and cherishing every single second of it yet. We. Are. Just. Bored.

So on Friday, I threw my hands up in the air, screwed my weekly cash budget (which I've actually done every week this summer- I've convinced myself that our bedroom redo doesn't count, and shouldn't have to come out of my budget. Which it can't. It'd never be finished, ha!) We went shopping for new toys, got snacks at Target, and then we to lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Dax got a new Jump-a-Roo. He jumps in the Exersaucer- which wasn't made for jumping- so it was kind of inevitable that he'd need one. I called Casey for his opinion on the 2 I'd narrowed it down to... his response: "Just get the most obnoxious one." So, here it is! :) Dax llloooves it.

Ada is VERY into dress up and wardrobe changes lately (I've actually had to put a child lock on her closet, because she was getting a new outfit down every 30 minutes. I was losing my mind. Although I totally deserve it- I actually remember doing the exact same thing to my mom.) So she got a new hot pink, sequence, leopard print dress with a matching ridiculous headband. :)

And there was the Chick-Fil-A cow roaming around the restaurant when we were eating there! Ada went from petrified, to apprehensive, to obsessive stalker by the time we were leaving.

And I'll leave you with this lovely blue Elmo that Ada colored. I was quite impressed with her staying-in-the-lines attempt!


Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

OMG I am so envious. I wish I was bored! Between working from home, the kids and keeping up with the house I am about to go CRAZY! I need more hours in the day!
We have got to hang out before you go back or Ill just die! When can we do it???

Megan said...

Whoa - Dax can use a jumperoo now!! He looks like such a big boy! Is he advanced or will Jude be doing that in a month? I am not joking when I say the twins babyhood was a blur - I don't remember details about anything! I remember them jumping in their exersaucers all the time too - so we got jumperoos. Maybe it's a boy thing to jump so much. Sorry you're bored. Wish I could entertain you! Or I wish I could send my twins over. Ha.