The Greatest Show on Earth?

We went to the circus today (with a little pit stop by the Take Care clinic for Ada's bout of swimmer's ear)... and it was surprisingly unimpressive. Maybe I'd talked it up too much? Maybe I wanted shock, awe, and magic? Maybe we didn't have the greatest seats? Oh well, it was something to do on a Saturday, indoors! :) It wasn't bad, and we had a good enough time.
We ate our fair share (and the elephant's share, too) of crap concessions-

Dax enjoyed splitting his viewing time between the show and Ada-

Ada had cotton candy for the first time in her life-

I did love the elephants! How can you NOT love the elephants? I know this is total animal cruelty, but it's still adorable-

The circus was decent, but the real spectacle was the ringmaster's leotard-tight pants. Among other things..

And Dax changed into this shirt when we got home. Actions may speak louder than words, but these words are pretty cute!

Look at him sitting up only lightly supported!

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Megan said...

Your hair is looking cute!

We went to the circus last year in Houston. It wasn't as awesome as I remembered it being as a kid. We also gave the twins their first cotton candy there. We had to do something exciting after all the build up to the big circus day!

And I feel like I say this on every comment but Dax looks like such a big boy!! Adorable onesie too.