Mission Master Revamp: Complete!!

After living in this house for three years, I have FINALLY decorated our master bedroom!! This was the last room in the house that needed to be done (aside from the office, but that really just needs a few more office-y things).
These are the kids' rooms, since we're on the subject-
Ada's - http://thedailydowell.blogspot.com/2010/08/adas-mod-pod.html
Dax's - http://thedailydowell.blogspot.com/2011/01/african-safari.html

Here is the before. Decent enough, I suppose. This is the color that our entire house was when we moved in. It's mind-numbingly bland. I WILL paint the rest of the house. Eventually...
I've been collecting things throughout the summer with my master plan in mind; and I committed to the final step this weekend- painting the walls. Once that was complete, it was a whirlwind of fabric, frames, and hardware! Oh, and Adele's new album. :)

First, a quick thanks to Team Dowell for their support, assistance, understanding, and positive words of affirmation-

And, here it is! In all it's glory! I LLLOOOOVVVEE it (said in a growly voice). In fact, rarely are my visions realized EXACTLY how I'd hoped. And this one met and exceeded all of my expectations! I don't even mind the mis-matched nightstands and our cheap bed. They just add to the eclectic vibe I was aiming for. :)

MorMor recovered our old throw pillows with leftover fabric that I didn't frame. :)

We cashed in our credit card rewards and got a new TV! It's awesome.

"Crap, now I have to go home and tell my husband I spent $100 on lamps." -Saturday's Facebook status. I just couldn't resist them- they were calling my name.

I painted our bathroom while I was on my painting rampage. I decided to go a shade lighter than the bedroom for a two-tone look.

The best part of finishing the room? The kids and I snuggled for 1.5 hours this morning watching movies and drinking our coffee & chocolate milk. LOVE.



McClure Family said...


E said...

Looks amazing! Your hard work certainly paid off. I'm inspired... now to just convince Rob. :)

Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

COME DO MY HOUSE!!! I love the way you redo stuff! You are so talented!