ENT and Children's Museum

Yesterday Ada had her biannual ENT check up for her ear tubes (which went well, and the kids were total angels the entire appointment), so we hopped on over the the Children's Museum while we were in the neighborhood. This was the first time I'd taken Ada to some of the "big kid" portions- like "Kidtropolis" which is like a mini-city. (And the face painting station, which you'll notice in the following pictures!) It's so cute, and Ada had a ball!! (All pictures are just ones I snapped with my phone- I was not about to lug around my real camera in addition to the 500 lbs I was already carrying!)

Grocery shopping at the mini-HEB. She even got to "check out" with a "cashier" and fake credit card!

Nursing a bunny back to health at the vet clinic-
In the art studio-the black lines are hills, she said. (Just to be clear- I wrote the A!)

Dax and I observing-

Then we headed up to the "Tot Spot"- where I turned Ada loose and let Dax out of the papoose for a bit. He loved it! I parked him in this little cushioned "pocket" and let him explore a little-

Intrigued by this airplane-he kept knocking it off the ledge (because his hands are still more like paws!), and then he'd fuss because he wanted it back-

Typical pass-out scene on the drive home from an awesome day-

When we got home, I plopped Dax into his jumparoo, switched the function on one of the toys from the most simple "color flash and 1 musical note" to "woman stating the color and shape in English, French, and Spanish" mode... This was his reaction- a little confused?

I loved this picture of Ada for some reason. I think she's so pretty.

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You are such a cool mom! :-)