Dax's Enlarged Heart

We all know that Dax has a big 'ol heart because he's such a lovey boy.  But, now it's a proven fact.  Yesterday, when they performed the x-ray to see if he had any pneumonia, they noticed his heart was slightly enlarged.  They called it "mild cardiomegaly."  
Disclaimer: this is not Dax, nor his heart.  :)
I didn't learn of this until we had his follow up with the doctor today (which, incidentally, is Doctor Jerk from my previous post- Dr. G is still out.  He was actually semi-kind today.  I think he felt like an idiot from treating us the way he did on Thursday- after the ER doctors were so "aggressive" in their testing.  He basically admitted he wasn't aggressive enough in his diagnosis... like, probably should've been sent home with some antibiotics 5 days ago.)- anywho- Doctor Black (I will now refer to him by his real name, officially admitting he exists) says 3 things about this "mild cardiomegaly"-
  1. It's probably nothing.  98% of patients (I'm 98% sure he made up this statistic on the spot.  I'm sure he meant "a large number of these diagnoses") that have a larger than normal heart, are still within the "normal ratio."  Meaning Dax's might be big.  But it's most likely nothing to be concerned about.
  2. The fact that the ER physician didn't mention it to me yesterday is probably a good sign.
  3. If it IS larger than the allowed "standard deviations" in this ratio, then something is wrong.  They would do more tests (EKG, ECG, MRI/CT scans, etc) to diagnose him.  From the research I've done today (which I really wish I hadn't, because now I'm officially freaking out), it's usually a result of Ventricular Hypertrophy in pediatric cases.  (The muscles around the ventricles are larger than normal, and the heart has to work harder to pump enough blood and oxygen to the body and/or lungs- depending on which ventricle is affected.) 
So now, we sit and wait for the doctor's call to tell us if we forget about it, or run more tests.  I know I should have waited to blog about it until I knew more, but I had to get it off my chest!

However, I would ALSO like to point out that it has been rumored that Lance Armstrong also has an enlarged heart.  (And maybe Michael Phelps?)  So, I think that's all that's going on here: is Dax is destined to be an elite international athlete.  :)

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