Diagnosis Update! :)

I'm sorry, I'm just now getting around to updating the news!  I got a call from Dr. Black about 3 hours ago- after speaking with the Radiologist, he is sure there is nothing to be concerned about.  Dax's heart is in the normal range for size- and no one has ever noticed any funny sounds when they listen to his heart beat and chest (there would have been abnormal sounds present if he had any of the heart defects that can lead to cardiomegaly, from my understanding). 

The radiologist mentioned a possible cause for it appearing like "cardiomegaly" is "hyper-inflation."  Which, let me tell you, sounds much worse than it is... it means Dax could have been taking a deep breath at the moment the x-ray machine snapped the picture.  Which- he was screaming bloody murder.  So, yeah.  :)

They are probably going to send us for a second x-ray just to cover our bases and be sure, but that is just to play it safe. 
Before leaving for the doctor's office this morning- look at those ADORABLE pigtail buns!!!

We all deserved a toy after this weekend (and week)- and Ada was an especially sweet big sister through it all, so she got to choose whatever she wanted (we filled Dax's prescription at Target so we killed three birds with one stone- meds, Starbucks,and shopping).  Guess which $25 toy she chose (that barks, sniffs, and walks)?  Guess which toy she got in her Sonic happy meal?  And guess which toy she prefers now...

My sweetness is on the mend!  He felt much better today- he had lots of smiles, snuggles, and giggles.  And got all caught up on his eating and sleeping, too.

And, I burned our dinner.  I forgot it under the broiler.  We still ate it, and it was actually still pretty delish!  :)

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Megan said...

yay!!!! I am glad Dax is doing well. Ada's hair is absolutely precious. And that dinner looks so good.