Dax- 6 months

Dax is 6 months old... a half of a year!  We love him more and more everyday.  His personality is still just as awesome as it was March 16, but it continuously reveals itself more and more. 
  • He's still so happy, smiley, and easy-going.  But don't be too wild and crazy with him- his initial reaction is to think you are an alien, his next reaction is fear.  (He has a more "cerebral" sense of humor; as opposed to slap-stick comedy!) 
  • Separation anxiety is beginning- don't spontaneously grab him from me, you'll burn a bridge forever!
  • This kid has got GRIT and DETERMINATION.  He's already army crawling everywhere- simply because he figured out that if he spots something he wants, the most efficient way to get his hands on it is to take care of it himself. 
  • He loves school, and ADORES Miss Terry.  (All of his teachers really, but he has a serious soft spot for her!) 
  • He also adores his sister, Ada Grace Dowell.  :)  She intriguing and hilarious to him.
  • He's sitting up by himself for a few minutes (minutes!) at a time, and babbling lots- with a few "mamas" in there.  Music to my ears, even though he has no clue what he's saying.  :)
  • He loves to push big buttons on toys, especially if it makes a sound happen.
  • He has two bottom teethies!
  • He has discovered how to make HUGE splashes in the tub- I can hardly get him clean anymore, he's so wiggly and slippery and chubby!
  • Still exclusively breastfeeding, but he's eating some solids, too: cereal, peas (his favorite), sweet potatoes, carrots, & squash. 
  • Stats from his 6 month check-up:
    • 95%ile height (durr)
    • 50%ile weight (he was REALLY hungry, so I'm sure he's a little bigger... but that was a big shocker!  My linebacker is slimming down!)
    • 95%ile head circumference (gotta fit that big ole brain in there, like Daddy's!).
    • He also has some minor exema- Dr. G thinks it will not be so bad his skin "toughens" up a bit, but will probably always struggle with it a little bit.  Mobley skin.  :)
And now, what you've been anxiously awaiting: the Monster Photo Shoot.  Let's take a look at the previous Monster Shoots, first:
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 TODAY: 6 months old-

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