Ada got her hair did...

Ada got her 2nd haircut yesterday!  I took her to "my girl" so we could be sure to get a quality cut- I am so anal about haircut perfection (which is strange, because I wouldn't consider myself a perfectionist, typically), that I just didn't want to risk it anywhere else! 

(Remember her first hair cut?  The actual "salon" was a-maze-ing, but I wasn't crazy about the cut after it was all said and done -which is ridiculous, I know.  She was 2 for crying out loud.  But, whatever- because the experience was too adorable to be upset about the end result!)  

So, here are a few pictures I snapped with my phone throughout the afternoon!

So excited to be getting a hair cut!  And enamored with gorgeous Tracy....  (You can see Dax's leg hanging out of the papoose to the left in the mirror- typical!)

NOT sitting very still for Tracy!  But behaving well enough.  There are a few crooked spots because of her "activities!"

Getting a blow-out!

All said and done!  (It's actually even cuter than this in real-life)

Getting a chocolate-banana smoothie from Starbucksk afterwards!  Our fave.

I.  Cannot.  Get.  ENOUGH. Of this picture!!!!!!!

My gorgeous girl this morning before school.  This is what she looks like to me.  I wish I could capture her in photos like this ALL the time! MWAH!


Megan said...

Ada looks adorable!! And she looks so much older than the last time I saw her! I know its been several months but she seems to have aged more than that. Love the hair cut!

Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

GOOD GOD SHES CUTE!!! Her hair looks so good! It has really filled in!