Dax- 7 Months

Dax is 7 months old!!  And utterly impossible to keep still long enough to do a proper monster photo shoot, now.  (I knew this day would come, but it still makes me sad!)  Here are our attempted shots:
No, you may NOT see how many months I am!

Well, looky there.

I'm gonna EAT IT. Or at least drool on it until it disintegrates.

I will not sit there for this any longer, Mom.

What's that?  You have a large, expensive contraption strapped to your neck (the camera)?

Nom nom nom!

Reaching for the backing to the onesie sticker, that would have otherwise been hidden from view.

1 comment:

Knox said...

Oh no! He can't already be THAT on the move?!?! I LOVE love love the first picture- your commentary cracked me up! Oh! AND he's super super adorable!