Recent Ada-isms

Hilarious things that have come out of Ada's mouth recently:
  • "Daddy!! There's an ant on my crosswalk!  (Meaning swingset ladder) SHOOT IT!"
  • "I'm kicking rocks.  Oh, and I stepped in dog poop."
  • "Here, Dax- you want to choke on this toy?"  (Meant to say chew, but substituted choke.  Same difference, I suppose.)

  • Ada: "Mommy is here, Dax is here, Ada is here."
  • Me: "Yep.  Where's Daddy?"
  • Ada (said with sincere empathy): "He's at work, Sweetie."
  • Me (after cracking up): "That's right- Daddy's working, he'll be home later."
  • Ada: "NO!  Wait- he's at the river with his friends!"

  • She has been coming home and placing all of her barbies and princesses on different "seats" around the playroom and acting like their teacher.  Or instructor.  Or mentor.  Or something administrative.  Today they were being instructed to dance.

  • Whenever she wants to make herself cry (for attention, usually- after either getting in trouble, or to postpone bedtime)- she will think about someone at school hitting her.  I know this because, when I ask her why she all of a sudden looks so sullen, she will say: "Bea/Maddox/Mason/Janelle/etc hit me todaaayyyy," which is when the waterworks begin.  (What is that, method acting?)

  • She can do simple math- I'm not kidding you.  She refuses to prove to me that she can count to 20 ("1...2....4...5...6...7...11..."), but she will rattle off "1 and 2 make 3.  2 and 2 make 4!"

  • I feel like I've cracked up laughing 100 times this week- so if I think of more Ada-isms, I will post a sequel tomorrow! :)
 And, now for some snapshots:

Silly girl- snorkle goggles aren't for indoor playgrounds!

Reveille is a pillow pet now!

Nothing warms my heart more than them playing and laughing together- Dax will laugh at Ada if she just looks in his direction.

Love this kid!

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