Married 5 Years to the Best Hubs Ever!!!

Casey and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this weekend- 5 years!!!  Geeze.  Anywho- we (especially ME!) had an AMAZING weekend.  I had a spa day on Saturday- following by lunch and shopping with Katy Schilhab.  Then I came home and was told to be ready to GO by 7- and when we walked out of the front door, a limo just like the one from our wedding was waiting outside of my house!!! 
Ada was a little nervous of the "big car."

  We had SUCH a great time just riding to dinner- we ate at Sullivans Steakhouse.  Delish.
When MiMi asked Ada what she thought we were eating at dinner she said Casey was having a burrito, and I was having macaroni. :)

They took our picture and all wished us happy anniversary!

I wanted a Starbucks on the drive home sooo bad.  It was 11:01, so they were all closed.  So I decided I'd settle on a McDonald's frappe.  This is us, in a stretch white limousine, at the McD's drive through. Unfortunately, they were closed, too!

I got a diamond necklace that looks really similar to my wedding ring.  I love it, was SO surprised, and though it was so sweet that Casey knows my style so well!

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