Dax- 8 months

Dax turned 8 months old on November 16 - I cannot believe it!  He's crawling a million miles a minute, getting into EVERYTHING (I caught him tangled up in the bars of the side table the other day), and scaling around on the furniture. 

He's saying "mamamamamamamamamamama" and "dadadadadadadadada" and "bababababababababa" ... sometimes intentionally at the correct person. ;)  And sometimes we SWEAR he mimics the number of syllabals we are using.  (Typically three.  And it's typically "I love you." Coincidence?  I'm going to pretend not!)

I think he believes he knows the sign for "more"- although he's actually just banging both hands on his highchair tray (as opposed to tapping his fingertips together for the actual sign).  He's eating tons of solids- sweet potatoes are still his fave.

I always pick him up first from school (because big siblings aren't allowed in the baby rooms)- and then we go together to get Ada.  His face totally lights up when he finds her in the classroom- it melts my heart. 

I know I always say it, but he's growing up way too fast!  Here are the shots from our sick-boy monster photo shoot this Sunday-

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