Christmas 2011

We had an amazing Christmas this year- we are so blessed with so many wonderful family members  that we love so very much- and they even love us in return!  I will post a separate post about our little Dowell Christmas, but these are photos (and hopefully a few videos, if they upload!) from our Christmases with The Dowell Fam, The Purdy (& Anderson) Gang, and The Mobley Clan.  They kind of go in reverse order than the actual events.

I didn't get any pictures from my mom's house because I had a near-migraine headache, and operating a camera might have pushed me over the edge.  I also didn't get any from MorMor's house, so I pirated all of hers off of Facebook!!! :)  I managed to get a few with Grams and Papa.  

Uncle Christian is fighting some esophagus issues (stupidest organ of the body), so he wasn't able to make Christmas this year.  :(  But, we still received his lottery tickets, and I *almost* won $500!!  
This "Elephant Sweater" was actually hand- knitted by MorMor for our family Christmas in 1987!!!  That means I had just turned 5- I *think* this is my cousin Ricky's sweater, instead of mine (he'd have been 2).  I need to scrape up some pictures from that Christmas- the ENTIRE family wore one.  And I mean EVERYONE!

Dax in his annual "money hat!"  MorMor hand knitted everyone's.

This is when I realized after shouting "I WON $500!!", I had, in fact, NOT won $500.  Bahahahahahaa!  


Me and the babes

Ada's money hat

The entire Mobley clan!
Back (left to right): Donny, Colleen, Andrew, Rick, Mary, Steve, James
Front Row: Ricky, Ada, Casey, MorMor, Alicia, Dax, Eric, Audrey, Andi
Not pictured in the center: Christian.  :(  Or Stacy. 

Murm got his own tree and lights for his house!

Uncle Luis!

With Grandpa and his decorated gift box wrapped box.

Murphy's lights at night.

Daddy and Daxy

And these videos are mostly from Grams and Papa's night- I'm sorry everyone else for being lazy!  I was just enjoying your company too much to worry about filming! :)

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