Santa Came!

We must have been good boys and girls this year- because Santa Clause came and left us some AWESOME gifts!  At first, we saw presents in their usual spot (since we don't have a mantle, Santa prefers the bar area)- and those were awesome enough!  And, then....
Santa ate the snack we left him, and even left Ada a NOTE!
This caught Ada's eye from the living room!!!!!  It's a HUGE playhouse!  It was raining Christmas, so Santa put it together indoors, and we've been playing with it in this spot ever since.  It. Is. AWESOME. A school room.  A drive-thru window.  A gas station with a gas pump.  A basketball goal (in the back). A soccer net. A grocery store.  This thing has it ALL.  We have had so much fun with it that we are considering keeping it inside until the weather is consistently nicer before moving it outside (yes, it'll be easy to disassemble and take to the backyard!).  Both kids are obsessed.

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