Santa: 4th Time's A Charm!

Well, the first three attempts at a small chat with Santa were a disaster not picture perfect.  (For a visual reminder, read THIS post!)

But THIS year was THE year!!!  Ada was enamored.  Her mind went totally blank when Ol' Saint Nick asked her what she'd like for Christmas- she forgot to ask him for barbies, kitchen "food" toys, a car, and princess dolls.  All that she could manage out of her mouth was a meek "presents."  

When he asked her if she'd been a good little girl, her large almond-shaped eyes became more like walnuts.  Maybe even brazil nuts.  And she nodded ever-so-slightly.

When he lifted her up to place her on his lap for the obligatory photo-op, her body went limp with disbelief.  He plopped her on his knee, and then plopped Dax on his other knee.  (Dax was also enamored- but more with the beard than anything.  This was one of the few pictures that Dax was looking in the vicinity of the camera- most of the time he was turned completely around staring at the white fuzz.)  

Ada was deep in thought.  Her mind was not in this world- she was pondering the North Pole.  Reindeer.  Elves.  Presents.  Presents.  Presents.  And cookies.  Finally, she came to.  To us saying "Ada!  Smile!  Smile for the camera, honey!"  And this is what she squeezed out before slipping back into her Christmas fantasy:
I would deem 2012 the year of the SANTA SUCCESS!!  I'm obsessed with this picture, and it may not be stashed away with the rest of the holiday decor come January 1st- I just don't think I'll be able to part with it for an entire year!


Misty said...

Can I caption? "HAHA bitches! He said I am getting allllll of your presents". (I like totally inappropriate captions for all kid pictures).

Sweetish Baby said...

Bahaha! She does look a good mix of evil and elated, doesn't she!?

Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

GOOD GOD I LOVE THIS PIC!!!You totally make that same face Ada is making in this picture! What cuties!

Megan said...

BEST santa pic I have seen yet this year!! I love it!! You have some precious babies.