Me: Ada, don't color on your face, baby.  That can make your skin hurt.
Ada: NO, MOM!  I don't have skin!  Kids don't even need skin.  Only SKELETONS NEED SKIN.
{There ya have it.}

Ada is completely resistant to doing any sort of learning related activity at home with me.  Which is sort of problematic, since we are considering stay-at-home-mom options for next year- you don't really want to yank your pre-schooler out of pre-school just 2 years before Kindergarten if she refuses to let you educate her!  

But, I think we may have found a solution.  Technology.  Who knew that you could use Technology to engage young children, and trick them into learning things?!  {Sarcasm
Confession: I've been avoiding it.  I used to kind of secretly judge moms who utilized these resources.  Thinking to myself: children these days are so dependent on computers, apps, internet, TV.  They should be playing, exploring, reading, learning. Churning butter. Milking cows.  Building life-sized, livable homes with plumbing out of Lincoln Logs.

I downloaded an app in a moment of weakness on my phone this past weekend {after 5,001 different approaches to help Ada remember to quit skipping from 14-18 when counting to 20.} She sat, for over an hour, correctly identifying letters and sounds that we had no idea she knew.  She whipped through 26 letter puzzles. She happily discussed things related to learning. 

She still skipped 15, 16, & 17 when counting.  

So, we rushed out and foolishly dropped $600 on happily purchased an iPad.  And this girl is obsessed!  And I am now one of "those" mothers.  Oh well!

Speaking of technology, I've been wasting even more money utilizing my Sweetish Baby profits to purchase some more geeky things!  I purchased a subscription to a website for my Sweetish Baby stuff.  I'm not ready to advertise the domain just yet- I want to develop it a little more before I bear my soul!  :)  It's not going to be just Sweetish Baby.  

I describe the website as: 
a "platform" for the boutique.  It'll be one of several different sections of a webpage where I will post craft tutorials, health/nutrition, & budget tips {all centered around all things domestic- easy healthy recipes, eating healthy on a budget, inexpensive entertainment for your child- probably won't blog about that impulsive iPad moment!- etc}  Eventually, I'm operating under the assumption that the goal will be to generate enough traffic that I will be able to "monetize" it. {Allow/attract advertisements.}

And, worst case scenario: if it flops, I only lost a week's profits from the monograms and bows! :)

And, I also purchased PhotoShop Elements.  {One of my pseudo new year's resolution was to begin taking better photographs of the kids and Sweetish Baby merchandise/website posts- so this was a business investment!}  Here are some " doctored up" pictures of Dax's awesome afternoon in the swing on Sunday-

I love these KIDS!


Megan said...

I totally get it. I've been a bit judgmental too on the technology. I wanted my kids to be able to entertain themselves with blocks and a backyard. But this Christmas we bought them a Leapster learning system and we made them a games section on our iPad. I realized they needed to know the technology too. So I'm attempting to be more balanced now. I bet if Ada stays home all day with you she will start to become more interested in doing traditional learning activities with you. She'll get bored more often. :) ha. I am jealous you have two more years with Ada before kindergarten. I am seriously having anxiety attacks about kindergarten this fall. If I have another baby I am having a fall baby! The twins are summer babies and just seem too young to be going to school. ah well...

The Dowells said...

Megan- I can't believe the boys start SO SOON!!! And yes, Fall is a nice birthday- I think Ada will need that extra year. She seems a little less mature than kids her age, so she'll have time to grow up a bit! :)

And you're right- I realized she needed that tech experience to be able to keep up with today's world, too!

MISS YOU!! When are y'all moving back!?!?

Another Texas Family said...

Are you trying to get her to do things in the afternoon? We do all learning related activities first thing in the morning after breakfast. My kids have NO interest after lunch or naps. Not gonna happen. And they have no interest if Justin is home. I allow technology to aid in our learning, but I now put a time limit on it. Aubrey loves Starfall on the internet. I tried and tried to teach her the months of the day, and lo and behold she ended up learning them from Starfall! We also use Mr Rogers on Amazon to coincide with our school lessons.

Another Texas Family said...

Also want to add, the best thing you can do with your kiddos before kindergarten is read aloud to them. We do this more than anything. It develops their language, perception, and provokes questions (and provides quality time).

The Dowells said...

That is so reassuring, Tiffany- I WISH I could read to this girl enough! If I stay home next year, we will have much more time to read during the day. (Right now it's just a book or two at bedtime- but she'd sit and snuggle and read for hours, I think!) I will definitely be picking your brain next year if I'm home with them for "school" ideas! :)