She Plays Hard...

Today's Adaism(s):
{Preface: I nurse Dax in the car after school most days}
Ada: Can you wait to buckle me in my carseat until after you finish eating Dax?
Me: I'm going to go put Dax to bed, baby- are you OK in here watching TV for a little bit?
Ada: Fine. Go.  You just go.

Ada has been drawing her face just about daily lately:
With glittery "Hello Kitty" pen.

With letter stamps.

With black {THANKFULLY} washable marker.
She's less proud in this one, because this is where I stop thinking it's cute, and begin getting perturbed.  

And I realized after going through my phone pictures this week, it's likely it stemmed from our most recent trip to Chick-Fil-A on "Family Night"- where they have a clown making balloons and painting faces.  

I also mentioned in my last post that I wanted to take a few pictures of Ada's abandoned play scenarios.  I came upon this first scene at bedtime one night, and decided to stage the other recent ones I've stumbled upon lately that have made me chuckle-
All of her doll house toys in a large gang guarding their house.  Even the cars and furniture are in on the action.  I love how they're all facing the same direction- watching some approaching danger?

One of these things doesn't belong here....

A pony stand-off.

Barbie and penguin riding into the sunset.  Do you think this was in LA or Antarctica?  

And, lastly- Murphy's moved back indoors!  The house is just an absolute disgusting wreck (in my opinion) with or without him inside these days... so we decided to go ahead and let him realize his dream of becoming an indoor dog once again.  He was, after all, our first child!  He'll be NINE this year!  
He's adopted Ada's baby comforter. 

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