Dax Has Joined the Bipedal Club!

Houston, we have a WALKER!  And a runner!  And a tripper...  

Dax has been contemplating walking for weeks now.  He just couldn't muster up the confidence to let that piece of furniture, or fingertip, or whatever he was clinging to GO to step out on his own.  He finally figured out the whole balance thing today, and there is no stopping him now!

Here is a quick video of him that I took right after he took his first official steps on his own- he gets so excited that he just about runs, and then trips.  He practiced the rest of the afternoon and is taking up to 5 steps at a time before collapsing into a crawl!  :)

Would you ever goes this kid has the worst ear infection I've ever seen???  I've suspected he was working on one for a while now (actually, I don't think his last one ever fully cleared up)- and this morning he woke up with green PUS pouring out of his ear. (so gross)  

I was obviously freaked out and ready to rush him to the ER- but the on call nurse said it's not uncommon, and just get him to Dr. Gonzalez ASAP in the morning.  Where I will beg for a referral to the ENT for tubes.  It is impossible to tell when Dax's ears are getting infected (because he never complains, or exhibits any symptoms), so by the time he runs a fever his ears are horrendously infected and painful- and draining pus!   

I'll keep you posted... in between chasing this walker around the house! :)

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Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

wooohoooo!!! He is so proud of himself too!